Almond Protein Isolate
Almond Protein Isolate
Almond Protein Isolate
Almond Protein Isolate

Almond Protein Isolate

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Pure Product Australia Almond protein powder is an excellent plant-based, grain-free option, and a good alternative for those who need or want to avoid soy protein and whey protein (dairy).

Our Almond Protein Powder is made with the highest quality blanched almonds, finely ground to a creamy powder that blends perfectly into smoothies, baked goods, sauces, salad dressings and more.

Almond Protein delivers 12g of complete plan-based protein with only 141 calories and 6.7g of fat per 30g serving. You can Mix with water, milk, or plant-based beverages to create an on-the-go and delicious protein shake or blend with frozen fruits and vegetables for a nutritious smoothie. Get creative and use this Vegan protein powder in your protein pancakes, protein mug cakes or muffins.

Nutrition Information

Serving Size: 30g (1 scoop)  

Ingredients Almond Protein, Natural Flavour, Natural Sweeteners.

Ingredients (Unflavoured): 100% Almond Protein Isolate.

ALLERGEN INFORMATION: Do not use if allergic to tree nut. Manufactured in a facility which processes egg, nuts, milk, and soy.

Nutrition InformationAvg Per ServeAvg Per 100g
Energy (kj)5911952
^Protein (g)1241
Total Fat (g)6.720.7
  Saturated Fat (g)0.51.82
Total Carbohydrate (g)8.628.6
  Sugar (g)2.17.04
Sodium (mg)0.62.08

^The typical nutrition and protein data values are provided solely for informational purposes and are typical results only. All values and are considered averages unless otherwise indicated.



SHAKER: Just pour in 200-300ml of cold water and then add one rounded scoop of Almond Protein to your shaker. Cover and shake for 25-30 seconds.
SPOON STIRRED: Add one rounded scoop of Almond Protein to a glass filled with 200-300ml of cold water, then mix it up with a spoon. Stir for about 30 seconds or until powder is completely dissolved.
Adjust the taste of your Almond Protein by varying the amount of liquid that you use to prepare it. For a bolder flavour with slightly more body and sweetness, mix each scoop with 100-150ml of cold water. For a milder tasting, less sweet shake, use 300-350ml of cold water or non-dairy milk per scoop.



For healthy adults. It is not a sole source of nutrition and should be consumed in conjunction with a nutritious diet and an appropriate physical training or exercise program.   


How is this product packaged?   

This product is supplied in resealable 1kg or 500g bags.   


Has this product been tested?  

All our proteins are regularly tested by a third party laboratory to ensure the highest quality and purity of the product. To see the latest results, send us a message


Is this product lactose-free?   





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