Group training helps to increase training time and intensity

Group training helps to increase training time and intensity

In group and supervised training (provided the group consists of 4-7 people), there is usually a skilled trainer who monitors the exercises you perform. If necessary, he will correct the body position and technique.This way you will benefit from more effective training while reducing the risk of pain and injuries. Also, as part of a supervised group training, a skilled trainer can adapt to you personally, depending on your health condition and limitations, and variations to exercises given to others.

A study published in The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association in 2017 showed that the stress level of people who train in a group is 26% lower than those who train alone. If you tend to exercise alone, the temptation is greater to repeatedly exercise on the same equipment or perform the same activity (for example, running the same route or walking at the same pace). This situation may slow down progress or simply bore you. In group classes, the instructors are supposed to challenge you, incorporate new exercises in each session and prevent a situation of boredom. If you still get tired of group training done by a certain instructor, you can always switch to group training with another instructor, and thus be exposed to an additional variety of exercises and knowledge from the world of fitness.

Meeting different people, with different fitness levels, may on the one hand help  you improve your performance (by creating competitiveness) and on the other hand, training with people who are not in good shape may make you feel more comfortable with yourself within the group.

When you train alone, it is easy for you to occasionally skip a workout. But when you train in a group, there are more people, including the instructor himself, who may notice that you missed the session. They will send you a WhatsApp message to remind you that there is training or to make sure that everything is fine, or they will ask you the next time what happened that you missed class. This situation increases the feeling of sharing, responsibility, and perseverance and sometimes gives a feeling that the group is a kind of family.

Building a training system requires knowledge and skill. In group training, the instructor considers many parameters to plan a complete lesson for you, including warm-up exercises, a gradual increase in heart rate, and a balanced workout in different muscle groups. In addition, a good trainer understands the
the psychological aspect of physical activity and can help you maintain concentration and motivation throughout the workout.

The fact that physical activity causes the release of endorphins, chemical substances that improve feeling, is well known. But it turns out that training in a group increases the release of endorphins even more. The scientific explanation for this is related to the synchronization of the movements between the group
members. Recent studies have revealed that this synchronization increases the
release of endorphins and raises the pain tolerance threshold.

The group training sessions not only get you out of the house but also provide you with many opportunities to meet new people, with similar interests and goals. In these meetings, a sense of belonging is created, friendships can be developed, and a support system can be built in the group that will encourage when there is a drop in motivation. The energetic atmosphere in the group, sometimes accompanied by rhythmic music, creates a feeling of freshness and strength and usually returns home much happier. And equally important - want to repeat it.

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