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I acknowledge and accept the below terms and conditions on behalf of the business and that any representative of the business is bound by these terms. Please note, your acceptance of these terms is not approval of your application and each application is reviewed against our eligibility criteria.

This wholesale application is made on behalf of an active business where the Pure Product Australia products obtained via this program will be distributed to its customers. No online sales are permitted. *

No wholesaler is permitted to run competing digital advertisements across platforms such as Google, Microsoft or Social platforms. You agree not to purchase any Google Ads, domain names, social ads or bid on any keywords, search terms, or any other identifiers that include the word "Pure Product" or the names of Pure Product Australia products and services, or any variations or misspellings thereof. *

Unless otherwise authorized directly by a Pure Product Australia Account management team member, only images and content found in the Marketing Assets Dropbox (under My Account on the wholesale portal) can be used. Pure Product Australia retain the content rights over all other content and use without permission is an infringement of our rights and those of our athletes and photographers.*

Pure Product Australia reserves the right to make changes to the program at any time, including removal from the program as Pure Product Australia deem appropriate.*

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