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What are the correct exercises for strengthening and increasing shoulder muscles?

What are the correct exercises for strengthening and increasing shoulder muscles?

What are the correct exercises for strengthening and increasing shoulder muscles?

Beyond the fact that strengthening shoulders makes them easier to perform a variety of daily activities, developed shoulder muscles are just as impressive, if not more than big biceps or abs. It's not just that the shoulder muscles have the largest muscle mass in the upper body. strong shoulders help us with many daily tasks. But in addition to the many functional contributions of the shoulder muscles in everyday life, strengthening them can greatly contribute to the appearance of muscular and impressive arms. Moreover, trained and shaped shoulder muscles may completely change the appearance of the upper bodyThe front shoulder is activated in the movements of bending the shoulder, as in the actions of raising the hand; The middle shoulder is activated by moving the hand away from the body, while the back shoulder is activated when moving the hand up while lying on the stomach (imagine the opposite movement of a hug - but lying on the stomach).In addition, according to the planes of movement of the various muscle areas, the shoulders are active and participate in complex and multi-jointed movements such as pulling (as in the rowing exercise), pressing and pushing movements (for example, in the push-up exercise), in the movement of moving the arms to the side, and also in movements in which pressing and pushing are performed Up (as in the shoulder press exercise) - so if you perform these exercises as part of your training program, you activate the shoulder muscles to one degree or another.Not many know this and some readers will likely be surprised by this, but the shoulder muscles also have the largest mass in the upper body - a much larger muscle mass than the chest muscles and the latissimus dorsi muscle, so exercising the shoulder on all its areas may contribute to a proportional and more muscular appearance, if That's the goal. Here are four relatively simple shoulder exercises that can be performed anywhere   

Shoulder hunch

The target area in this exercise is mainly the anterior fiber area of ​​the shoulder, which is activated by raising the arms Hold the dumbbells and position yourself in a walking position with one leg extended forward, and stand with your back straight and your knees slightly bent. While exhaling, raise your hands to the level of your face (bend the shoulder) with the thumbs facing up, and while inhaling slowly lower your hands back down to the starting point

hands to the side 

The target area is mainly the middle fiber area of ​​the shoulder. Hold two dumbbells at the sides of the body and stand with a straight back, knee-width apart, and knees slightly bent. On exhalation, the dumbbells are moved up to the height of the shoulders while externally rotating the hands, so that at the end of the movement the thumbs face up, and on inhalation - they go down back to the starting position. You can bend the elbows a little to reduce the leverage created by the hand and thus make the exercise easier. 

Seated Dumbbell Press
Lift the dumbbells, to begin with, them just outside your shoulders, palms facing forward. Press the dumbbells straight up by contracting your delts and extending your elbows until the weights are overhead with your arms just short of locked out. Slowly lower the dumbbells to the start position.

Important highlights
Before performing any physical activity or changing a training plan, make sure that you are physically fit. In any case of weakness, dizziness, or pain - stop immediately and seek medical advice.
A light and gradual warm-up should be performed at the beginning of the workout.
A reasonable number of sets may range from 2-4 sets. The number of repetitions may range from 8-15 but with a small reserve of repetitions - so we do not perform to the limit. If you subscribe to a gym and perform an existing program, you should verify with the instructors that the various exercises and how they are performed are compatible and synchronized with your current training program.
Make sure not to do the training day after day to allow the muscles time to rest between training sessions. Remember that muscle is built and strengthened by rest

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