Whole Egg Powder
Whole Egg Powder

Whole Egg Powder

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Whole Egg Powder is made in Australia  from dehydrated whole eggs (including both egg whites and yolks), ready to provide you and your family with great nutrition and a delicious taste in case of an emergency and for everyday usage. 

Made from the freshest eggs, Pure Product Whole Egg Powder can be used in any recipe that calls for eggs. That makes it the perfect ingredient to create a quick and easy breakfast or your favourite dinner time meals. 

Use Whole Egg powder for cookies, layer cakes, pound cakes, noodles, mayonnaise, pies, sweet goods and all other whole egg use. It can also be used without rehydration when baking and can be restored with water to make dishes such as scrambled eggs and omelettes.  Save money and time while you enjoy the delicious flavour of farm fresh eggs any time you want!

Key benefits of Whole Egg Powder: 

- Like fresh eggs, Whole Egg Powder is protein-rich, and can also be used for just about any dish that calls for eggs

-  When compared to buying fresh eggs in bulk, Whole Egg Powder is cheaper and have a much longer shelf life 

-  By making the eggs into a powder, they become easier to transport.

Nutrition Information


Preparation is simple and easy. Just mix with water and cook as you would with a normal egg and you can create all the same meals you have been making for years with the real thing.  It can also be used without rehydration when baking. 

To equal one large fresh egg = Add two tablespoons of Whole Egg powder + two tablespoons of water. 

Tip: you can add milk, salt, and water to Whole Egg Powder to make some fast-and-easy breakfast scrambled eggs. 



Once opened, the product should be used within 14 days. Reseal the bag, or repack the remaining powder in a clean, airtight container with minimal headspace. Follow the GMP practices, Store in the fridge recommended ≤ 15C.


After opening, store in refrigerator.


How is this product packaged?    

This product is supplied in resealable 500g bags, so if you chose 1kg you would receive 2 bags of 500g each.

What is the Exp Date?

The Exp date will be  between 7 months to 1 year 

How is Whole Egg Powder made? 

Whole egg powder is just that - whole eggs that have been dehydrated and turned into an easy-to-store powder. The process is made by using spray drying in the same way that powdered milk is produced.

Has this product been tested?  

We have strict quality control systems to ensure the highest quality and purity of the product. To see the latest results, send us a message.





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