Our Story

Here in Pure Product Australia, we know most protein supplements are overpriced and are filled with unnatural additives. You can see this for yourself when reading ingredient labels. A majority of products include unnatural numbers, binders, fillers and thickening agents, which all reduce the purity of the protein in order to enhance the taste.
Two Bondi-based brothers, with a passion for working out and living healthy, saw this reality and refused to accept it. They found that all the protein supplements on the market were either expensive or compromised quality for affordability. That is when they set out to create an all-natural “pure” whey protein product. And that is how Pure-Product Australia began. 

Since its inception, Pure-Product Australia has launched a new line of athletic supplements that support your health and well-being at a reasonable price. We use only ingredients that work without pushing any gimmicks. That is why our proteins have few flavours and sweeteners so that the protein you are getting is just that...protein

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