Price Beat Terms and Conditions

  1. No further discounts will apply on any items with a price beat applied (coupon codes, promotions etc.)
  2. All stores must have a valid company phone number (which is not a mobile number) and be of a company structure. Stores must have a valid ABN (Australian Business Number) and be based in Australia. We will not price beat sole-traders or independent sellers. You cannot be associated with that entity in any way (owner, partner, staff, contractor etc.)
  3. Because we offer free shipping, the price beat is based on the product price plus delivery charge from the other store.  
  4. The price submitted must be current and advertised publicly. It must be advertised in Australian Dollars (AUD).
  5. The item(s) must be fully in stock and identical at the other store (including flavour, size, product, label, formulation etc.). If a quantity limit applies at the competitor it will also apply to us. Expiry dates must be similar.
  6. The product must be brand new (not restock or return products).
  7. We do not accept any offers or rewards given to you by the competitor in price beat deal. This could include cash-back offers, loyalty credits etc.
  8. The other store cannot be undergoing a product liquidation or be closing down.
  9. All item(s) with a price beat must be deliverable from the other store to the address you use with us.

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