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Post-activation potentiation

Post-activation potentiation

Did you have watched the Olympic competitions of the weightlifting industry must be well acquainted with the regular "ceremony" performed by the competitors? It starts by applying magnesium powder on the hands, then they approach the bar and hold it tightly, contracting all the muscles of the body for a few seconds, concentrating then emitting a scream and swinging the weight very quickly.

This activity is called Post-activation potentiation, performing pre-muscle contractions for maximum effort causes a temporary improvement in muscle performance. It should not be confused with what everyone knows as a warmup. Activity that improves the body's function during training. Post-activation potentiation (or PAP) is similar to race drivers who before the jump press the accelerator pedal in idle gear and increase engine activity to achieve faster acceleration.

A real-life example of professional athletes using PAP is called an isometric contraction. Isometric contraction means performing a contraction of the muscles for several seconds without movement in the joints. When this contraction is performed with the right timing and dosage it can improve athletic performance such as various strength exercises or bursting power at a rate of 5% -7%.

Dosage and timing of contraction also play a role. For example, performing a pre-contraction of over 5 seconds. It was found to be more effective in improving the ability to contract muscles without causing fatigue if the athletes perform a maximum contraction of 3 seconds, pause one second, repeat 3 times, and perform the exercise immediately afterwards. It is also important to remember that the preliminary exercise is recommended to be performed only when it comes to high-difficulty efforts where maximum muscle capacity is required. In addition, it is recommended to combine them after rest periods of at least a minute before performing the previous exercise.

Try it out before squat

When you hold the barbell, bend your knees slightly, contract the front and buttock muscles for 3 seconds, relax and lift. Repeat this in sequence 3 times and perform the exercise.

Before sprinting or jumping

Stand in front of a wall, place your hands on the wall and lift your heels slightly off the floor. Bend your knees and push hard against the wall. Hold like this for 3 seconds, let go, repeat the action 3 times and immediately make the effort.

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